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What do you do with a drunken sailor (Frank and Alice)

Frank Longbottom was very drunk. The last time he'd been drunk, it had also been over Molly. And he was drunk in his favorite spot under the rowan tree. He had stopped being cold when he was about halfway through the bottle. Of course, Cassie was off with the girls dancing in their favorite clearning, it was a Saturday night afterall, but Frank didn't mind being alone. Alone was nice. Alone and Alone and Alone. He sang loudly and lustily,
Where are the hands that wipe the tears, harroo, harroo,
Where are the hands that wipe the tears, harroo! harroo!
Where are the hands that wipe the tears and soothe the little children's fears,
Ånd my darlin', dear, ya look so queer,
Johnny, I hardly knew ya.
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Three for tea (Narcissa, Frank, and Frank's wangst/silence)

Frank prepared the tea at the teacher's table. Nice neutral ground. He woke up refreshed and irritated. She had taken his tea. Didn't she ever respect boundries? Didn't she understand he was trying to protect her! He growled at the tea cups, wondering when his vocabulary had been reduced to inarticulate growls.
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Stay awake, don't nod or dream

Frank sat in the common room, working on an essay for DADA class. He was wearing his new ear muffs set to block out all sound except the crackling of the fire in the fireplace. He sipped on his tea regularly.
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Let me take a long last look before we say goodbye (Molly and Frank: astronomy tower)

Frank headed to the astronomy tower immediately after sending his return owl, so he was there first. He sat down for a moment, then got up and paced for a few minutes, then sat down again, then got up and started pacing again. While he paced, he mumbled, "how do I fix this? Do I fix this? What do I want? What does she want?"
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Silence is bliss.

Frank went to Hogsmede through the secret passage. In a magical oddities store, he'd remembered seeing something that he'd wanted. That he'd secretly thought was too expensive, but now seemed just about right. He ran his hands over the dark fur, and tried them on. "Silence." He said. And there was. The noice of the shop faded to nothing. The customers, the shopkeep, all still speaking, he could see that, but of what what they said, he could hear not a thing. He paid for ear muffs, and went to the post office. He could have used one of the school owls, but he was here, and somehow it seemed safer and right to use a foreign owl.
Owl to Alice StrongCollapse )
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The storm before the calm (Frank and Arthur - possibly others)

It was after lunch, before afternoon classes and Frank Longbottom sat in the common room. He had finished the book his parents had sent him from home, and was thinking. Mostly he was thinking about Molly, and Alice, and Arthur and wondering how he'd gotten into this mess. He wondered if Arthur had arranged the broomstick thing for Molly. He couldn't imagine Lily would have left him out if she'd done it, but Arthur, Arthur. When it had gone so wrong between them. They'd never been close, but they'd been friends anyway. All for the love of a good woman. A woman Frank knew he didn't deserve, but that just irritated him more.
And then Arthur walked into the common room. Frank growled deep his in his throat and looked down at his books, pretending to be looking through them.
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Frank and Alice and the girly body cream

Frank wasn't sure entirely what Alice had and would bring, so he brought all of tools he used when preparing herbal creams down to the common room. He wasn't sure where they would work. They could probably set up on a table in the commons, but maybe the should find an empty classroom where they could spread out and not irritate anyone with strong scents or using too much space. Normally he did his up in the room at his deck with the window open and when his roommates were out and about. He sat on the couch to wait for Alice.
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